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Ton and the Rutgers DNA #1

The world around us is rapidly changing. We have noticed that there is a steady increase in pressure on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Rutgers is a strong believer in freedom of choice in terms of sexuality. It is in our DNA. We are eager to ensure that everyone around the world has the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life. However, this is not always possible and should not be taken for granted. We at Rutgers, together with our partners did our utmost best to achieve this goal throughout 2016. We therefore want to thank everyone for their effort and the passion that they put into 2016. 

Although we achieved a great deal, there remains much to be done. Further details are contained in the following chapters of this Annual Review of 2016. In the video, I explain about our drive and passion. About Rutgers’ DNA, the milestones we have reached and the challenges that lie ahead in the future. I wish you pleasure in reading and viewing this review!

Ton Coenen, Executive Director of Rutgers

Going forward

Rutgers celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in 2017. This is an exceptional milestone both for us and the world of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Rutgers’ original forerunner, Nisso, was founded in 1967.

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